2013 was a magic year for the Robo-Lions, and the game was “Ultimate Ascent”. The robots shot ultimate frisbees into goals 7-9 feet high from as far away as 50 feet.  At the end of the match the robots would climb a jungle gym type apparatus up one, two, or three levels, a level at a time.  2199 won their second Entrepreneurship Award at the Virginia Regional in Richmond at Virginia Commonwealth University finishing 26 out of 64, despite being hampered by radio problems.  All the cumulative hard work on robotics and outreach finally paid off as the Blue and Gold won the Chairman’s Award at the Chesapeake Regional in Baltimore, FIRST Robotics highest Regional Award, which earned them their 2nd berth to the FIRST Championships.  The winning Chairman’s presentation team included Captain Matt Wesloh, PR Chair Bridget Doyle, and PR team member Coralie Milnes (a freshman!).  The Lions finished 11th out of 64 and made the Quarterfinals.  They made a splash at the FIRST Championships at one point being in 1st place on Galileo Field (which produced the Champions!) and finishing 33 out of 100 teams.  The drive team consisted of seniors Connor Cole and KC Elliott with human player freshman John Schopman.  The robot was named the John Schopman Jr.  The Senior Captain was Matt Wesloh and the Junior Captain Abi Fuller.


2013 Robot John Schopman Jr. and Team at World Championships in St. Louis