The Team

The Robo-Lions, FIRST Robotics Competition Team 2199, is a robotics team for students in grades 9-12 located in Carroll County, Maryland. The Robo-Lions were founded in 2007 by Mrs. Rose Young, who was at the time a teacher at Liberty High School. The team is now run under a non-profit and open to ALL interested students.

Robo-Lions Quick Facts

  • Competes at the Highest Level of Competition available for High School Students.
  • Rookie Year 2007
  • Lead Team of Partnership and Inspiration for Engineering Education and Entrepreneurship a 501(c)(3) not for profit.
  • Champion and Engineering Inspiration Award Winner of the Greater DC District Event Week 1, Finalist and Engineering Excellence Award Winner in the Great DC District Event Week 3.
  • Winner of District Engineering Inspiration Award (Greater DC District) and Entrepreneurship Award (Central Maryland District) in 2016
  • Winner of the Regional Chairman’s Award in 2013 – the most prestigious award in Regional Competition.
  • Winner of the Regional Chairman’s Award in 2011 – the 2nd most prestigious award in Regional Competition
  • Have qualified for the World Championships twice
  • Have won many awards in Baltimore, Cincinnati, Philadelphia, Richmond, Terre Haute, and Trenton.
  • Have an extensive Outreach Program at the local, regional, and national level.