2012 followed strong with 2199 finishing 10th after qualifications and making it to the Quarterfinals at Chesapeake playing “Rebound Rumble”, a game which required robots to shoot Nerf basketballs into nets of varying heights and then balance up to 3 robots on a teter-toter bridge.  Public Relations Chair Matt Wesloh’s hard work with his Uncle Jim, entepreneur and owner of PROCAS (http://procas.com/), on the team’s business plan, led to 2199’s first Entrepreneurship Award at the Queen City Regional in Cincinnati, Ohio.  The year finished strong with the Lions winning their 2nd straight BOB Championship along with Baltimore Area Alliance partners team 888 Robotiators of Glenelg HS and team 4067 The Incredible Hawk of River Hill HS.  2012 was also the first year the Lions executed closed loop control using the video camera and SuperBright blue LED lights to steer the robot to the middle basket which had reflective tape on it and reflected the blue LED light back to the camera.  The drive team consisted of Juniors Connor Cole and KC Elliott, with human player Abi Fuller.  The robot was named the Elizabeth Dumm Junior. The senior captain was Preston Fuller, the junior captain was Connor Cole.

2012 Robot

2012 Robot Amanda Dumm Jr.